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Road Construction Company in Tamilnadu

We are well recognized road construction company in Tamil Nadu in the field of Road Construction Contractors. We standing tall with 16+ years of experience in the construction industry, Shanash infra is one of the best construction companies in Tamilnadu. 

road construction companies in tamilnadu

Shanash infra have been, and will always strive to contributing to that growth – it has the will and capability to design, build and maintain world-class roads, highways, and expressways.

Our roads and highway projects are not mere earthworks for us – we take pride in every stage of their construction :

– Planning
– Building
– Meeting deadlines
– Maintaining

We build roads and highways with an underlying sense of responsibility towards the nation. We function like a precision-timed unit while building these very necessary urban infrastructure.


We are the Best Road Contractor in Chennai.We did Lot of State Highways Project.


Our Road Construction in Chennai company uses the latest technologies and advance machinery.


Road construction standards are variable across countries, states, and also industries.

Contractors - Road Construction in Chennai

We are rendering Highway Road Construction Service. Owing to their stress-free completion and timely completion, our services are immensely admired by our patrons. In this service, we do different types of services in proficient way.

Roads represent a pivotal element in financial advancement and progress, as well as providing significant cultural advantages. They are critical to national augmentation and enhance escalation. Furthermore, a road network is critical in the battle against deprivation, since it provides exposure to job, economic, health, and academic facilities. Roads connect various populations and regions, promoting commercial and cultural prosperity.

In the construction of roads, a contractor’s contribution is to execute the operational procedures that are essential to complete the work. Contractors’ functions and obligations appear in a variety of facets of a project, including project design, supervision, surveillance, worksite safety, and legal concerns. There are many road contractors in India contributing their piece of expertise carving the best roads for the nation.