Chamfered Paver Blocks

Chamfered Paver Blocks Part of a block where two faces meet which can be bevelled, rounded, chamfered, or splayed. The presently paver block is used in outdoor versatility application and also it is used in street road and other construction places. Concrete paving blocks are ideal materials on the footpaths and roads for easy laying, […]

Pavement Interlock

Pavement Interlock An Interlocking Concrete Pavement is a system of paving consisting of discrete, hand­sized paving units with either rectangular or dentated shapes manufactured from concrete. Either type of shape is placed in an interlocking pattern, compacted into coarse bedding sand, the joints filled with sand and compacted again to start interlock. The paving units […]

Paver Block Road Design

Paver Block Road Design The paver block is a construction material manufactured by mixing cement and sand at different mix ratios. The strength of the paver block will differ based on the mix ratio. The cost of the paver block is economical, and it is manufactured in different colours and textures. Advantages & Applications of […]

Advantages of Interlocking Blocks

Advantages of Interlocking Blocks Interlocking bricks can be a good solution for residential buildings in hot climate areas that are prone to earthquakes. They are also suitable for driveways. Interlocking bricks can help you cut costs by as much as 35%. However, they do not work for buildings over two stories in height. They are […]

Interlocking Paver Block Design

Interlocking Paver Block Design One of the most trusted Interlocking Paver Block Manufacturers, Pavers India offers the premium quality landscaping solutions Our special interlocking feature enables pavers to be easily installed without the use of mortar. These interlocking paver blocks are used to offer stylish road, pathway, and flooring. We have a variety of bright colours and […]

Types of Paving Blocks

Types of Paving Blocks Paving Blocks has been steadily increasing in the construction industry over the past 40 years. Its potential is quite high as it offers many possibilities for all areas such as city planning, architecture, and landscape. In this article, we will examine different types of paving stones and their unique advantages.Paving Blocks […]